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Which golfers did you most admire growing up and which do you most admire now?

Growing up: Jack Nicklaus, Seve, Nick Faldo. Now: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson, (as players) and Tom Watson (as role model). Also Bobby Jones is one of my hero's in the game because of what he achieved as an amateur, and how he conquered his inner demons to become one of the greatest players who has ever played the game.

What is your favourite course to play and why?

There are so many, and it's difficult to compare them all again each other as "links" is so different to "inland" etc, but I suppose if push came to shove. Abroad; Augusta National, because of the Masters & the very special atmosphere there. At home; Sunningdale & The Berkshire equally because of the design & the atmosphere of the courses and the beautiful vista while walking round all these courses. However there are still many courses I've still to play, so I could yet change my mind before I finish playing!.

Who have been the best players that you have played against?

Billy Haas (USA), Tiger Woods (USA), Warren Bennett (Eng), and Anthony Kim (USA).

Who would make up your dream fourball?

From the past; Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, and my father Guy and, From the present; Jack Nicklaus (at his peak), Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson and of course me! I'd like my Mum, Henry Longhurst & Peter Alliss to walk round with us too (and have my dream date caddying for me who ever she may be!).

What are you enjoying the most now that you are a professional golfer?

At last being able to get some financial reward for all the "blood, sweat and tears" I've put into the game over the last 30 odd years.

You have had a long and illustrious amateur career, but what has been the highlight of that career?

Winning the World Team Championship - Eisenhower Trophy with Great Britain & Ireland in Chile in 1998.

What do you think are the main strengths and weaknesses of your game?

Strengths; good distance control, accuracy off the tee, holing out, course management. Weaknesses; too short off the tee and don't enjoy playing in adverse conditions particularly the cold!

What has been the best golfing advice that you have ever been given?

"Hit it better not harder" in other words play within yourself as much as is possible.


Do you have any specific pre-shot routines or pre-game superstitions?

I've so many it would take up a whole page! I need to have an hour and a half to get myself ready to play ideally, and I don't like to wear green on the golf course during a competition.

What is your biggest regret from you amateur career?

Not having played one more Walker Cup, not captaining GB&I or England or winning the English amateur I lost to Paul Casey in the final at Royal Lytham in 2000!

What would you say has been the greatest shot you have hit in your career and why?

Holing the winning putt in my singles match against Anthony Kim on the 18th hole at Chicago GC in the 2005 Walker Cup as it gave us the chance to win the cup and made me the highest GB&I points scorer in the history of the Walker Cup.

What was it like to be a member of 4 victorious Walker Cup teams and which was the most memorable?

I'm extremely proud to have been on four winning teams as it's a feat no other player GB&I player has done in the history of the event, and probably the most memorable was winning at Sea Island in 2001 although all of them were very special really with unique memories from each even with the losses!

Which golfer would you say stood in terms of talent and potential that you have played alongside for Great Britain and Ireland?

There have been so many really, but the most talented were probably Luke Donald, Paul Casey, Warren Bennett and Graeme McDowell although particular mention should also go to Padraig Harrington, Justin Rose and Ollie Fisher too!

Away from the Walker Cup which event are you most proud to have won?

The Eisenhower Trophy in 1998 with GB&I, and also the Amateur Championship in 2003 (…which made me one of the oldest champions in the history of the event) .

What are the positives and negatives of being a professional golfer?

The Positive; is being able to be paid to do what you love to do, the negative; is that there are not enough big tournaments for me to play in yet!


Are you the type of golfer that finds practising easy or do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to go on the range and hit ball after ball?

I find it pretty easy really as I truly love to practice & play. I've done it virtually daily for the last 30 years in one way or another! I constantly strive to improve, and hate playing badly which is a great motivator!

What clubs will you playing for the 2010 season?

Currently the only club in the bag that will be definitely in use for certain in 2010 will be a C Groove Yes! Putter of which I have quite a few! I rotate between about three or four at any one time & they are the love of my game right now.

You currently work as a consultant with theInternational Institute of Golf Education through Myerscough College in Preston. Through your work there are you impressed with the quality and amount of talented young golfers coming through the ranks?

I am delighted that there are places like Myerscough available to youngsters who want to pursue a "sensible" approach to golf AND education, but there are not enough players coming through in my opinion particularly girls into the upper echelons of the game. Yes British players are starting to show that we've great ability in this country, but much more money and continued improved initiatives and facilities are vital to continue this trend of success worldwide!

What do you enjoy most about your work with the International Institute of Golf Education?

Seeing the benefits of this initiative giving youngsters the chance to develop into fine adults, better educated to expand the positive aspects of golf worldwide and in some cases become great golfers too! I know it sounds a cliche, but it's great to be able to put something back into the game which has given me so much.

What are you goals for the future?

To be the best player I can be, to make a genuine success of my golfing career through into the Senior Tour both here and in America and to win tournaments all over the world as I did as an amateur.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Surrey, but was raised in the North of England mainly; I lived in Grange-over-Sands (Cumbria), Keighley (West Yorkshire), Melbourne (Victoria, Australia for 18 months), and Heversham (Cumbria) - all between the ages of 4 and 19.


Do you have any siblings?

I have two half brothers through my father re-marrying: James & Myles, who are in Australia.

What is your favourite film?

I think overall my favourite film would be Pulp Fiction, but I've many favourites as I'm a movie fanatic and would watch movies all day if I could!

Do you have a favourite book?

I like reading when I get the chance which isn't often, and the book I've probably enjoyed most in my life has been Lord of the Rings which I've read twice many years ago when I was much younger. It's beautifully written, and takes the reader into another world which I think is what novel reading is all about.

What is your favourite food?

I love curry, and highly spiced foods. I like Salads too though particularly with fish, and chicken mainly. I just enjoy any "flavour filled" food though spicier the better!

What other sports are you interested in other than golf, and if so do you support any teams?

I enjoyed many sports at school, but I'm not a great spectator really. For my sins I'm an Everton football supporter, and have been since I was seven but also have an interest in my local club Morecambe. So I follow football, and have an interest to watch any sport where GB or England are competing. I particularly enjoy the Olympics (Winter or Summer) as I find watching some of the many sports on show you don't often see which are quite fascinating like curling, ski jumping, hockey, cycling, weight lifting or rowing sports like those. I'm basically very patriotic, and just want my country to succeed often against the odds to get medals.

If you could win any none golfing event what would it be?

In sport an Olympic Gold Medal (at anything!) without any shadow of a doubt and that would be my dearest ambition or help England win the World Cup at football I guess too for the feel good factor that would create in the country although I don't think that will ever be possible as I'm rubbish at football! However I think it would have be the sole winner of a multi rollover jackpot on the Lottery if I could only win one other thing in the rest of my life!

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